Shipping policy

  1. How long would it take for my order to get delivered ?

A:  Our delivery partner would deliver it within 2-3 working days after dispatch in . For other cities with access to air shipments, delivery can take up to 2-5 business days.  For places where delivery is by means of road, it might take a little longer however we focus on keeping maximum days of delivery within 7 days. For addresses outside India, shipping may take 5-15 business days.
  1. Are there any delivery charges ?

A: There may be delivery charges depending on the location of delivery.
  1. Is there delivery on all days ?

A: We ensure delivery on all days except National or public holidays.
  1. Does the shipment cost include sales tax or any other hidden charges?

A: There are not hidden costs or charges on delivering the product. The total price paid during check out is the final cost to be paid by you.
  1. Why can’t the product be delivered in my location ?

A:  While we are constantly taking efforts to ensure hassle-free delivery and make our products reach most of the locations, it also depends on our delivery partner being able to find the location accessible. Legal restrictions on shipping products to your locality and availability of reliable courier partner also play a role in getting the product to you.
  1. Is it possible to request for change the delivery address at any point of time once the order has been placed?

The order has been placed but not dispatched.
Once the order has been placed but not dispatched that means we have received the confirmation and your order is in our warehouse where we are working to get it dispatched. So as your order is still not dispatched, you need to contact our customer service team on  as soon as possible for the changes in the order. Please note for security reasons we will require you to answer few security questions before we can make any changes to your order.
Order has been placed and dispatched.
Once the order has been placed and dispatched, for we would be unable to redirect the order to the secondary delivery address. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and our policies are made to provide better shopping experience for all our customers. If our shipper is unable to ship the order at your provided address then order is automatically returned to our warehouse and processed as return. For any further query write us on
  1. How do I track my order ?

A:  To track your order, you can click on the shipping link attached to your confirmation e-mail or you could also log in to your account and click on track your order. You can contact us at and we will check the order status and revert to you. For further inquiries – contact us+91-9912385551.