Every child deserves a balanced diet, and every parent deserves our team of nutritionists’ holistic advice on nutrition. We are a movement for a healthy lifestyle that starts in childhood, not just a brand. Not simply trendy snacks, but foods that are nutrient-dense are what we aim to produce. Every dish we provide provides the most nutrients per mouthful in flavors that kids adore.

We made a self-promise that we would only release goods that our own children could eat on a daily basis. This implies that our products include absolutely NO hazardous ingredients, such as refined sugar, maida, preservatives, or additives, only delicious and healthy foods! Making nutrient-dense snacks that kids deserve is what we do best. Include our goods in your children’s regular meals to make every bite and drink more nutrient-dense.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread joy and satisfy sweet cravings by offering a wide variety of homemade cookies made with love and high-quality ingredients.

Our Vision

To be the premier online destination for delicious homemade cookies, providing a delightful and convenient shopping experience for cookie lovers worldwide.

Why Choose Srijanani Agro Foods

Indulging in snacks or eating between meals often leads to feelings of guilt, especially for those who prioritize their health. However, there are healthy options available, such as millets and grains, that can serve as guilt-free snacks and play a significant role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. These millets are packed with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, insoluble fibers, magnesium, copper, zinc, and phosphorous. By consuming these nutrients and fiber, you can gain strength and energy.

Sri Janani offers a variety of nutritious cookies and snacks, including cranberry, multigrain, flaxseeds, jeera, and almond options, catering to different preferences and dietary requirements. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose the snack that best suits your needs.